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Pelosi Hanging by a Thread

If current polling data presages the results of the November election, there are strong odds that Democrats may lose control of the House of Representatives.  For those concerned that the country not be restored to born-again corporate domination, empowered by Tea Party witchcraft, the Democrat’s loss of the House would indeed be a dire outcome.

Its collateral damage would be removal of the nation’s first woman Speaker, who has become the human dartboard for right wing vilifications. 

While one might argue that Pelosi’s operation could have more skillfully marketed her leadership, it is difficult to fault her achievements.  She assumed leadership of a famously fractious Democrat caucus and in relatively short shrift engaged in a cat herding operation that imposed the partisan discipline essential for achieving passage of a historic body of legislation, once a Democrat had won the White House.

She accomplished this record with a sense of urgency that escapes the dawdling U.S. Senate, as even now she presses to wipe out the Bush tax cuts for the financiers of the New Guilded Age while the upper chamber’s den of millionaires hastens to wipe its hands of the matter.

“We move legislation and send it over to them,” a Pelosi intimate once groused about the Senate’s lordly ways, “and they go to dinner.”  

More ironic for Pelosi is her being villainized by the Right as Obama’s evil twin.  Would that he had half her partisan chutzpa.  Instead, he saddled himself, the House Democrats and the country with fourteen months of fatuous bipartisanship that was undoubtedly as welcome to the Republican strategists as it is foreign to their destructive natures.

So, here we are within shouting distance of the November elections, which could prove to be more a moment of truth for Pelosi than the President, and whether the Democrats win or lose the House, the truth from a progressive  perspective is that Nancy Pelosi has been the best – and in many ways the most progressive – Speaker  of the House since Sam Rayburn.

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