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Rally on Capitol Hill

My entire life I’ve done my best to keep politics out. I never liked it. It just seemed like a bunch of people constantly fighting over meaningless topics. It had this negative connotation in my mind that I couldn’t shake. I grew up in a Republican family and the very little I knew was based on conservative beliefs. I still hold many of these beliefs today but I’m more curious than I’ve ever been. That is why I came to Washington D.C. and that is why I decided to work with Tricom.

On Oct. 19, we attended a rally to promote President Obama’s Jobs Bill. Vice President Joe Biden was the main speaker along with many other Senate Democrats and people affected by the job loss.

Unions including the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) had supporters packed throughout the room. It was a united front, fighting for a cause to get the American Jobs Act passed so that many of them could get back to work. It was something I’ve never experienced before. The policies and actions of our government were having a profound impact on people’s lives. It wasn’t a fight over a meaningless topic; it was fight to better this country and the people within it.

Some of the people personally affected by the budget cuts spoke to the crowd. It was heartfelt and genuine. Politicians can only say so much. The people shouldering the burden of the policies, or lack there of, are those who ignite the crowd. They take something that many may have only read about and make it real.

When people gather together for a cause, they create power and attention. These are the characteristics that make this country great. It is “a government run by the people for the people.” It leaves the door open for everyone to let their voices be heard.

The experience left me speechless and changed my outlook on politics forever. The government works for the people. This is something I’ve heard so many times before, but you never realize it until you see it for yourself. When Vice President Biden and the senators spoke, you could hear the passion in their voice. It was the passion of the people.

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