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Cell Phones and Cheating

Merriam-Webster defines cheating as “acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain advantage.” It is frowned upon because, among other things, it promotes bad character and deceit. As a young student, everyone is taught to do their own work and earn their own grade rather than cheat off a friend or neighbor at a nearby desk. It is a fairly simple lesson that has become increasingly complicated due, in part, to the rapid growth of technology.

Students looking to cheat no longer need to pass notes or whisper to one another in the back of the classroom. They don’t even need to elongate their necks to peek at their neighbor’s paper. All they need now is a cell phone.

Cell phones can be used to text answers to one another during a test. They can be used to take pictures of the test for others to use at a later time. If students have smart phones, they can pull up a web browser and search for answers during a test or quiz. YouTube even has step-by-step videos of cheating techniques for students to access, if they so choose.

Six high school students and a college student were recently arrested in New York for attempting to cheat on the SAT exam. Their plan was to pay the college student to take the exam for them. They created fake ID’s for the college student to use in order to get into the examination rooms. The plan ultimately failed, but it proves that acts like this are occurring and that they need to be further investigated.

Technology has made cheating easier than it ever used to be. It is a growing concern for our nation’s education system and something that needs to be monitored more closely. In an education system where test scores are everything, the policies that monitor, prevent and penalize cheating should keep pace with the evolution of technology.

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