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Educational Programs Receive Inadequate Funding

A study released by a Stanford University professor shows there is an education gap between rich and poor students. There are many resources that provide assistance to low-income students that aim to give students the opportunity to attend college and succeed. I was involved in a TRIO program called Upward Bound, which caters to first-generation and low-income high school students. The program did not just work to make sure students graduate from high school, but also to attend and graduate from college.

 I will be the first in my family to graduate from college in May and without the help and guidance of the Upward Bound program, I am unsure of where I would be today. This program helps bridge the education gap among high school and college students because it presents resources and activities introduced to students which parents are not capable of providing because of financial circumstances or because they have no knowledge of these resources. Without being involved in Upward Bound, I would have never known that college was an option or the resources needed to get there.

 Unfortunately, after school, TRIO, and art programs are at the verge of being cut due to budget cuts and inadequate funding. If these program do not receive enough funding to be put toward helping students get to their goals, the programs would be considered ineffective toward giving students a chance to change their lives as well as their families. A lot of focus has been on the improvement on quality of education in public schools, but government officials also need to pay attention to the impact these programs have on bridging the gap in educational achievement and how they introduce low-income students to different resources and opportunities that are away from the high-poverty neighborhoods that they live in.

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