Many organizations rely heavily on fundraising to fuel their purpose. Having a public relations strategy in your fundraising plan can help increase funds and the organization’s mission.

Public relations is able to help fundraisers by obtaining press coverage, establish credibility of the organization, and showcase the difference their donation can make. 

Good press is essential in a fundraising campaign.

“When you get good coverage, people learn more about your work and want to get involved.  When you get really good coverage, you start to get calls from prospects wanting to learn more, volunteer, and donate,” Joe Garecht, fundraising expert for The Fundraising Authority said.

Press coverage can help the public know your name and remember your mission, which will increase awareness and credibility.

Establishing credibility will increase the amount of funds and donors. There have been many fundraising scandals, which cause skepticism for donors. They want to know the money they donate goes directly to the cause.

“Press coverage provides good social proof that what you are doing matters, and that your organization is a leader in your field,” Garecht said.

Social proof allows donors to see the difference their donations have made and influence new donors to make contributions.


How many times per week do you read or watch the news? Is it once a week, maybe even a few times a month, or every day? As an intern for a public relations firm, I make it a top priority to stay up to date with the news and learn more about what is going on in the world locally, nationally and internationally. Top news stations such as CBS, ABC and CNN are developing stories every day, and, while they may not be the most interesting or important pieces of information, they are providing the public with a sense of what is going on around the world.

I have always had a passion for politics, sports and entertainment, so I find myself reading news articles at every hour of every day.  Not only am I reading the online versions of The Washington Post, ABC News and the New York Times, but I also like to see what social media websites, such as Twitter, and social news sites, such as Buzzfeed, post on a daily basis.

Along with my fellow intern, one of our responsibilities at Tricom is to write articles for The Virginia Vibe, a blog dedicated to reporting local news stories from Virginia. If I did not read the news, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what I should write about. I also enjoy reading the news because it keeps me aware of what is happening around me. Also, many studies show that when you are actually reading the words instead of skimming through each paragraph, it can help improve your comprehension, focus and vocabulary skills.

So next time you skip reading the daily newspaper, here are some reasons why all young professionals should read the news:

  • Reading articles from different news sources will help you see different styles and perspectives
  • Reading the news will allow you to expand your horizons and learn more about current events
  • Reading newspapers allows you to form your own opinions on current events
  • Reading the nation’s top stories daily makes anyone in any industry better at what they do

No matter what stage of a story you’re currently working on, you’ll eventually work with reporters to get it out. Here are some tips to getting your foot in the door without frustrating any journalists.

1. Know what that journalist covers: 

-Is your story relevant to that Journalist’s focus?
- How is your client’s release relevant to the media overall? What work can you do to turn your client’s release into news?

2. Know about the paper
- Hone in on current issues, past topics and the paper’s personality. Is your story a good fit?

3. Structure the most important lead at the beginning
- Get the main points across right away
- Make sure your hook isn’t misleading
- Provide explanations further down in the press release

4. Be available
- Follow through on requests for more information
- If you promise an interview, make it happen

You need to get your client’s information out there and journalists need stories to write about. Stay positive and get talking to reporters.



Social media has made communicating with businesses a two way street, but keeping up with the technology can be exhausting.

Multiple channels of social media are used on a daily basis to communicate with people, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. According to the Daily Nation, it is important to convey the right message through the right social media channel. What you would post on Instagram most likely is not something you would post on LinkedIn.

Make a schedule of how often you are going to post. As Brad Smith, a marketing consultant at FixCourse states, “Be intentional from the start.”

He means determine the goals for each site before creating them. The purpose of the post will determine what and where you are posting, which will result in better feedback.

It is not always necessary to have an account with every single social media site. It is difficult to be active on multiple sites, so pick a few that benefit and relate to you most. A few active sites is better than multiple inactive sites.

According to Megan Pinkston, senior editor and social media extraordinaire for Journal of Accountancy, “Consistent posting/updating is key. Maybe not every hour, but post at least once per day.”

Constantly checking different channels of communication in order to interact with someone is exhausting, according to Click Z. Lucky for us, technology is constantly evolving and now has made it easy to manage multiple sites.

Use sites such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck or SocialBro. These allow you to manage multiple social media sites on one site.

It allows you to schedule posts, easily switch between sites and have multiple users. These sites host your login information on one page. It is less time consuming and allows you to see everything in one spot.

However, there is a limit to how many accounts you can register to the same account. For instance, Hootsuite allows up to five accounts to be registered.

Don’t forget to delegate the work.  These sites allow multiple users at the same time.