How to Get a Job in PR: Part 3

Step 3: Make a Phone Call

If you are like me, you dread phone calls, especially with people you don’t know. However, making calls is an essential part of PR and of a job search. When you make an unsolicited phone call to a company or a person in order to pitch them something, that is a cold-call. A cold-call is a job search technique through which many people find success.

Before you make a cold call, you need to know who to contact. The contact depends on your current rank. If you are currently at an entry level job, a cold call to the CEO may be a little ambitious. However, if you are already in a higher position, calling someone beneath the job you are pursuing may not help you either. Once you know what kind of individual to call, figure out who they are. Do not call and ask for that person by title. A great resource for finding a person in a particular position is LinkedIn.

The next step is creating dialogue. When you begin speaking, even in a cover letter or an interview, talk about what you can do for them. Be confident in the skills you have to offer them. After that intro, begin speaking to your proof and sell yourself. Pick out some quantifiable bullets points from your resume to talk about over the phone. This is the part where you reemphasize that this will be mutually beneficial for you and the company.

This is not an interview and they will not be expecting your call, so keep it short and sweet. You may even ask for an opportunity to talk longer at a later date. Before hanging up, recap your skills and highlight your accomplishments quickly to keep this information fresh in their mind.

After the call you may want to update your resume to tailor it to the skills and accomplishments you talked about the most or to what skills the interviewer seemed the most interested in.

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