Who We Are

In the cluttered field of public relations firms, Tricom stands out. Our unique business model and creative team help us produce more with less, and we have the results to prove it. Once you meet the Tricom team, you’ll quickly see why most of our clients have been with us for years: we’re truly one of a kind. (It also helps that we are kind of fun to have around.)

Smart and quirky, Tricom is all about dedicating time and talent to make a meaningful, measurable difference for our clients and the causes they advocate. As a small firm whose client base is largely nonprofit organizations, we also know how to stretch tight budgets into expansive results.

As a group of hopelessly addicted policy wonks, we enjoy putting clients at the forefront of public affairs, making complex issues understandable, shaping news to build support and attracting resources for advocacy and action. We keep our fingers on the pulse of pop culture to make sure your story stays fresh and accessible.

We take pride in setting a standard for social networking and new media communication tools, and we’re always looking for the next breakthrough medium that, coupled with our experience, gives our clients a happy marriage of traditional and new media exposure, tailored to meet their needs.

From the nightly news and the cable talk shows to the pages of The New York Times and community papers, people around the world have seen our work. We’ve made YouTube videos go viral, live-tweeted events and used Facebook to build strong networks of grassroots support. Experienced and savvy? – yeah, that’s us. Old school service and new age mediums? –yep, that’s us, too! 

In mounting events, we have enjoyed success by always being inventive about getting our clients noticed (without having to ask them to do anything embarrassing!). We have produced media tours from the jungles of Peru, organized fun events at professional sports complexes, recruited celebrities for causes, landed a helicopter on an oil platform and even created a chorus line of singing flight attendants.

Unlike many firms, the people you speak to when we’re trying to win your work are the professionals who will be doing your work – not interns, or robots. (Though it should be noted we are young at heart and do work like machines.) At least one, and often more than one, senior staffer will become your permanent, day-to-day contact – a part of your team.

The Tricom formula works because we believe in what our clients do. We’re not selling soap here! (Unless you want us to sell socially responsible soap.) We have a passion for our clients’ causes, and we are invested in making them successful.